Magutcien Tells African Love Story, ‘The Girl Next To My Door’

I tip_toed next to Achol’s window. She was trying to clean her room, I stood there looking at her likable murdering beauty, and because the expression in my eyes made her feel shy, she said quickly as if to draw away attention from herself, “you should be at school” What else could keep me here, you are the Physics, the chemistry and the Mathematics I want to study , I answered jokingly. You are kidding me , right? She exclaimed. I had no reply to that, instead, I smiled at her.

I have never before seen a beautiful creature like you, so lovely and magnetic. She blushed at the complement.
I was facing her direct in the eyes as I spoke seeing her bold cat_face with its medium sexy melanin eyes which seemed to reflect my feelings as clearly as the clouds crossing a sunlit sky. There was a grace about her which made me want to make her feel the gluing attractions at the other end of the heart.

What do you do apart from taking care of your little brother, cleaning utensils and cooking ? I enquired. As far now , I’m definitely doing those things, I should be joining high school but I hear the senior ones are yet to open, she explained. Wow! That is awesome, we can be together in the same school. Anyways, welcome to our area, I hope the few days you had been here treated you amicably; I didn’t have a chance to tell you last week since you girls were mind_imprisoned into the game. Absolutely yes, thanks. She replied.

What about you Papa’s boy ? What level are you ?
I’m at zero level trying to learn how sir Isaac Newton came up with his laws, the Einstein’s theories of mechanics. Stop joking Mr Physics, hit the nail on the head, she orders. Come on Ms little brother’s care taker, I’m actually applying the third Newton’s law which says that action and reaction are equal but opposite.
And in a very sweetest low tone my ears had ever encountered, she complemented me” you are very funny , I supposed” . There was a long pause as I came closer trying to stealthily land my lips on her fleshy gleaming virgin lips when she became insecure.

“I think ……….I should ……Go ” My mother will soon be back from the market, she faltered. “We can not stay here for long” She remembered guiltily the little brother who had to be fed, the rooms waiting to be cleaned and many other innumerable tasks, she was neglecting at home. She was intensely curious about me as well but at the same time knew her parents would not approve an affair because she was still tender. (Knocks at the gate) that must be my mother , please go ! She said.

Wait! Wait! I said quickly, please do not hesitate to find me in the field north of your home, there is much I want to know about you”
Sure, she promised !
(Gate opens) as I jumped over the fence………To be continued.

Author: Magutcien